Solar Water Heater

Solar Water Heater

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Solar Water Heater

We are well known manufacturers and exporters of wide range of Solar Water Heater which are used widely these days to conserve electricity and fuel. These heaters are renewable sources of energy and are known for their durable nature and efficient engineering. These Solar Water Heater are easy to install and are used widely even in rural areas where there is hardly any access of electricity. These water heaters also quickly heats water and find its applications across numerous industries as well apart from being used at homes. We offer these Solar Water Heater at reasonable prices

Salient Features

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Saves Energy
  • High Standards of quality
  • High operating efficiency
  • Accident Free
  • Suitable for heating fluids up to 85° C
  • The most luxurious way of getting hot water
  • Quick return on investment
  • 100% depreciation for commercial use

How It Works?

The Industrial / Commercial Solar Water Heating Systems are designed to supply water at 80° C.  Sun rays pass through the transparent glass of the collector and strike on the black surface of the absorber. The black coating on the absorber converts the radiation energy into the heat energy. This heat is transferred to the tubes; thereby heating the water inside the tubes. Forced flow circulation system with Thermostatically controlled, fixed or differential temperature controller is installed.  The system consists of an array of collectors, arranged in a series / parallel combination so as to optimise the pressure drop as well as the heat collection, by utilising the available space to the maximum. A motor pump is used to circulate water through the collectors. This pump is activated by a capillary type thermostat with the rise in the temperature from the preset condition. The heated water is supplied to a properly insulated storage tank which can keep it hot overnight

Capacity Available : 100 litres to 1,00,000 litres/day and above